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KISS Gel Fantasy Nails

Get set to dazzle with on-trend KISS gel fantasy nails. Available in expansive gorgeous colourways and designs, our ready-to-wear KISS fantasy nails come with a brilliant gel shine and satin smooth finish and take only minutes to apply, leaving you with a drool-worthy manicure for up to 7 days. 

Choose from two convenient ways to wear — mega-adhesive tabs or glue, with no LED light required. Flexible and super comfortable, our gel fantasy nails are durable and waterproof, with the ability to withstand frequent handwashing, making them the ultimate hassle-free accessory!

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How do I apply KISS gel fantasy nails?

The application method varies, depending on whether you use adhesive tabs or glue to apply your nails. However, both involve simply attaching the gel fantasy nails to your natural nails and pressing firmly for a few moments. Of course, detailed application instructions are included with the product.

How long do KISS gel fantasy nails last?

KISS gel fantasy nails last up to 7 days for adhesive tab and glue applied KISS gel nails.

How do I remove KISS gel fantasy nails?

For adhesive tab removal, simply apply polish remover around the edge of the nail, and wait one minute before gently peeling the nail off from the side. For glue removal, trim and file the nail surface, then soak in acetone polish remover until the nail has softened. Then, simply wipe off the nails and glue.



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