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French Tips

If you’re looking to transform your nails from dull to dulcet, KISS offers an expansive selection of press-on French tip nails that will elevate your at-home manicures with a professional salon-like finish. From classic styles that follow the natural curve of your nail’s free edge to options featuring tips that slant for a modern twist, explore our French tip acrylic nails to spoil your hands with a lasting nail treatment you can effortlessly perform yourself.

Get ready to beautifully keep your fingers dressed for special occasions and maintain a put-together look every day. Our innovative adhesive system will give a long-lasting hold while minimising damage to your natural nail. Their easy, no-mess and bubble-free application makes it effortless to achieve a flawless French tip fake nail. Explore our entire range of classic white tips and rosy colourways, or add extra flair with a rainbow style to make your nails pop.

Make your manicure your best accessory and shop our KISS French tip nails today

Whether you have a busy schedule that can’t afford hours in a salon chair or hate the look of chipped finishes, our imPRESS and KISS French tip nails will give you lasting wear.

Browse our entire range to experiment with every colour under the rainbow to match your mood, including glitter, black, blue, maroon, nude, pink, red, white and yellow, to enjoy free delivery nationwide when you spend over $50.


What is a French tip nail?

French tip fake nails are a popular and elegant style of manicure where the curved tips of the nails are painted in white or pale, while the rest of the nail is left natural or painted with a light, sheer nude polish.

Are French tip acrylic nails in style?

Yes — they maintain a timeless appeal appropriate for the office or make a high-impact look when the occasion calls for elevated dressing.

How much are French tip acrylic nails?

Most KISS French tip nails cost under $20, making it affordable and effortless to maintain your manicured nails every day.

How do I apply KISS French tip nails?

  1. Clean your nails and ensure they’re free from residue from previous nail applications.
  2. Apply the included adhesive to the back of your French tip nails and your natural nails.
  3. Align the correct size to the corresponding finger and press for five seconds.
  4. Enjoy your new lasting and elegant manicured nails.

How long do KISS French tip nails last?

You can enjoy up to two weeks or more of lovingly manicured hands depending on how well you apply them and how you treat your French tip fake nails.



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