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KISS Falscara

Open up your eyes and cast stares with our Falscara collection — your beauty hero for creating full and voluminous lash sets that deliver attitude with every look. Perfect to wear alone or stacked, KISS Falscara will transform your eye makeup, whether you want an understated everyday look or are glamming up in a full face of cosmetics.

Entrance and captivate with our natural-looking Falscara lashes

Delivering a whopping 10-day wear Falscara, KISS is your secret weapon to transform your face with extra drama. From fluffy and feathered to wispy and delicate, adorn your face with our Falscara lash sets and innovative bond adhesive that is gentle on sensitive skin and gives you long-lasting wear.

Amp up your eyes without messing with smudging, clumping and travelling mascara and create a flirtatious flutter with our expansive collection of KISS Falscara kits. Looking to build your beauty table with high-quality cosmetics? Explore our entire range of nail products, including acrylic nail kits and nail dip powders. Need product recommendations to achieve a polished look? Don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re happy to help.


Are KISS Falscara lashes reusable?

With a little love and care, you can reuse your KISS Falscara kit up to three times — simply remove its bonded adhesive after each use and rock a full and fluffy flutter.

How long do KISS Falscara lashes last?

Using our Falscara Overnighter 10-Day Sealer, you can maintain a high-impact eye look for 10 days. With a secure hold to keep your wisps intact, staying event-ready is too easy.

Can you sleep in Falscara lashes?

Yes — however, we recommend sleeping on your side or back to avoid applying pressure on their delicate, natural-looking fibres.

Can you use Falscara bond with other lashes?

The Falscara KISS bond is versatile and easy to use, which means you can apply it with lashes from other brands so you can get more use out of the products you love. To achieve the best result, select a pair of thin and flexible lashes.

How do I get the KISS Falscara bond off?

Using the Falscara remover, soak a cotton pad, rest it over your lashes for 10 seconds and effortlessly wipe away whether you’ve worn them for an evening or 10 days.

Is KISS Falscara waterproof?

Absolutely — whether you get stuck in the rain or bask under the sun at the beach, you can enjoy effortless wear with our water-resistant KISS Falscara lashes. However, they may not perform their best in the shower, where steam may loosen its hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to discover expert tips, troubleshooting hacks, and everything you need to know about applying and maintaining your Falscara lashes. Elevate your lash game effortlessly – explore our FAQs now!



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