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Nail Dip Powder

Get salon-quality nails at home with our premium quality KISS dip powder kits

With our KISS nail dip kits, you can enjoy creating your own gorgeous professional-style french manicures without the cost of a salon visit. The perfect starter kit for strong, salon-quality french nails, the KISS dip powder kit includes everything you need, from the base gel to the softener, to create a professional-looking set of nails at home. Paired with the KISS acrylic fill kit, you can give yourself long-lasting, stunning french nails.

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At KISS, we offer a range of high-quality DIY nail products at affordable prices. Along with KISS nail dip kits, we stock a range of on-trend gel fantasy nails, versatile imPRESS press-on manicure sets, professional salon dip nail kits and more. 

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How do you use KISS dip powder?

KISS dip couldn’t be easier to use at home:

  1. File and buff your nails.

  2. Trim your cuticles to prepare the nail bed.

  3. Clean each nail with a polish remover to eliminate any dust or oils .

  4. Pour your KISS salon dip into the manicure tray.

  5. Ensuring to avoid your cuticles and skin, apply a base coat over one nail at a time. 

  6. Dip each nail into the powder gently using a sliding motion, then tap to shake off any excess powder.

  7. Repeat with your other nails, then apply a generous amount of activator. 

  8. Shape and buff smooth, reapply the activator and finish with a top coat. 

Voila! Your salon-quality nails are done.

How do you remove KISS dip powder nails?

To remove your salon dip, soak your nails in nail polish remover to soften them and gently push off the remaining product using a nail pusher. Finish off by washing your hands to ensure all the product is removed and your nails are completely clean.



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