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Classy Nails

Elevate your nail game with our selection of KISS Classy Nails — where staying elegant is a breeze! Our French nails with a modern twist come in trendy yet sophisticated lengths and shapes that exude timeless style. Discover the beauty of KISS Classy Nails today and step into a world where sophistication meets simplicity.

Nail class with KISS Classy Nails

Embrace everyday glamour with our Be-you-tiful Long set, or opt for the perfect balance with our Cozy Meets Cute in a medium length. Our acrylic Classy Nails redefine French designs, offering flawless, wearable styles that effortlessly blend trendiness with sophistication.

Each Classy Nails kit includes 28 nails, Pink gel glue (2g), a mini file and a manicure stick, ensuring a complete and convenient package for your nail perfection journey. The best part? These false nails come ready to wear — no polish required. Enjoy a waterproof, smudge-free gel finish that stays flawless without the hassle of nail polish drying time.

Worried about removal? Fear not! The KISS acrylic Classy Nails are super easy to remove and won't damage your natural nails. So keep calm, stay classy and let your nails do the talking with our selection of salon-quality nails.


How much are the KISS Classy Nails?

Each of the kits costs $19.99 (GST included) and shipping, which are calculated at checkout. Shop our full range today and get free shipping on orders over $50!

How do I apply KISS Classy Nails?

It’s as simple as prepping your nails, applying the glue and sticking on your Classy Nails! Each kit comes with a set of detailed instructions and tips to keep your acrylic Classy Nails on comfortably for as long as you want them.

How long do KISS Classy Nails last?

On average, KISS Classy Nails can be worn for a week without reapplication. Follow application instructions properly and take your time with prep and drying time for optimal results.

What other colours of stick-on nails does KISS offer?

We also offer the following stick-on nails in our collection:

Explore our full nail collection today and discover easy DIY nails for every occasion!



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